Long term plans for safety upgrades to Interstate-25 as it passes through Casper are what precipitated the current proposal to eliminate the south bound on-ramp at Bryan Stock Trail. A public meeting on that proposal was held Thursday at Wyoming Department of Transportation offices in Casper.

"The ramp at Beverly Street or Bryan Stock Trail, the on ramp, there's no feasible physical way to extend that acceleration ramp on to the interstate."

District Traffic Engineer, Mark Williams, says closure of the ramp seems to be the best option without sacrificing safety and at a reasonable cost.

He says there are several other ramps in town, both on and off, that WYDOT intends to bring up to current safety standards.

Williams says the time line is long term for what he calls Casper's Marginal Construction projects.

"We have that on the books right now, to do that work on the Marginal sections through Casper. We're looking at the Beverly street ramp and feel it's such a safety concern that we would like to get on that as quickly as we can and perhaps even close that before we undertake the other projects."

Thursday's meeting was intended for public input. He says that input can still be given, by phone, online or in person.