A Casper man now admits he stabbed the owner of a house he was burglarizing.

Twenty-two year old Brian Kountz has pleaded guilty to one charge of aggravated burglary and one charge of aggravated assault and battery.

Investigators say in Janaury 2012, Kountz and some friends broke into a house on 1600 block of Kingsbury Drive, intending to steal a gun and other property.

During the middle of the heist, the homeowner returned and chased the suspects.

Kountz slipped on some ice, and when he was caught by the owner, investigators say Kountz stabbed him in the leg and fled.

Officers later found out Kountz's identity when one of his accomplices told them about the incident, while being investigated on another matter.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors will seek no more than an eight-to-ten year prison sentence.