A Bar Nunn man will avoid prison time, after admitting that he took money from an emergency services group.

Brian Halpain was given a three-to-five year suspended prison sentence with three years of probation, after he pleaded guilty to one charge of obtaining property by false pretenses.

Investigators with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office say from August 2013 to November 2014, Halpain was the Secretary and Treasurer of the Wyoming Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services Association.

During that time, the President of the Association told investigators that Halpain embezzled more than $10,000, by way of writing unauthorized checks, making unauthorized withdrawls and purchases and not depositing money received from WAEMSA member fees and book sales.

The Sheriff's Office was able to obtain surveillance video from some of the locations where various purchases were made, and upon reviewing Halpain's bank records, investigators noticed a pattern of financial difficulties that would tend to show motive as to why Halpain would procure funds.

Discrepancies were also found in WAEMSA's bank account.

Halpain has also been ordered to pay more than $5,300 in restitution.