this is how it works.

Form a bowling team consisting of five (5) bowlers with one designated as the team captain. Once you have your bowling team complete, call our office at (307) 235-3421 to reserve your preferred bowling time. The sooner you call, the better chance to obtain your first choice bowling time. Team members may be of any age, so bring the whole family. Each bowler collects donations prior to the team's designated bowling time. Since this is a fundraiser, we are asking each bowler to collect a minimum of $75 in donations. This earns the bowler a free t-shirt for the event. Those who excel in fundraising and the collection of donations have the opportunity to be in competition for either the adult prize packages category or the youth (17 or under) prize packages category. These are fabulous prize packages and well worth your efforts to collect donations. The top winner of each category gets first choice of a prize package and so on. For every $75 in donations you collect, you will receive a drawing ticket and the opportunity to win a prize. Additionally, there are prizes given out during every bowling shift throughout the event. The bowling and shoe rentals are free. There is also free food and beverages during the event for all participants to enjoy.

we talked with Lisa Eades about the importance of this fundraiser this morning.