A news tip to K2 radio questioned the accuracy of Blue Envelope blood draw results. K2 Radio's Karen Snyder made some calls looking for evidence to back the concern.

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A listener contacted us writing that they loved the availability of  blood draws from Blue Envelope but said, "Several of my doctors hesitate to use the results because they say there are often errors and that the blood tests sometimes aren't run soon enough."  The listener did not respond to an offer to voice the concern and none of the doctors sited came forward to back the charge.

I did make calls however to the Natrona County Health Department and I was directed to County Health Officer Doctor Mark Dowell who says he's never heard the complaint.

"I see Blue Envelope results all the time. What we do is we apply them to the individual patient and if a lab result somehow doesn't make sense we'll talk to the patient about it and repeat it."

The test is used as a screening tool, Dowell says, and follow up with a health provider should also happen.

Dowell says standards of care control the time allowed between a blood draw and its processing.

Mark Bower, President of the Blue Envelope Health Fund says they contract with professional vendors and when they do they look for accuracy.

"And then we have to find a lab that's capable of handling the numbers that we've always worked with. Wyoming Health Fairs uses a lab that's called, LabCorp, and its the same lab that many Casper physicians use."

Bower says LabCorp has been rated very high over the years for their accuracy.

If you've had a contrary experience that can be substantiated give us a call otherwise enjoy your next blood draw at a Blue Envelope Health Fair working in Casper since 1958.