You have know when to hold them, and know when to fold them...and after 94 years, a Casper family jewelry business is cashing out, while they're still ahead.

Ayers Jewelers in downtown Casper, is closing its doors for good at 5pm on Friday, December 27th .

Scott Ayers is the president of the company has been in the family business for 38 years.

He says the Casper economy has been doing well, and the timing is good to close down the shop.

Among the tricks of the trade is keeping an eye out for synthetic stones, adjusting marketing strategies, customer service and working with fine quality jems and jewelry.

"Over time we've learned that, the nicer qualities, while they might be a little more expensive, are factors that people really appreciate. Spending time educating our customers, telling them, showing them what they are looking at, and what they're buying and explaining why this diamond is this much money and this diamond for instance is less."

Ayers says left over jewelry will be sold to either other jewelers in the area, or to a refinery.