The Automation Lords of Laramie took home the 2010 Lego League Grand Championship this weekend. Ktwo Radio's, Karen Snyder, was there and shares the story…

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With a robot named Maria the team from Laramie were first place winners and highest scoring completing eleven of 14 tasks created around the a theme of  “Body Forward; Engineering Meets Medicine.”

2nd place Champions were the team Super Nova destruction of Green River and 3rd place went to the Cyclonic Robots of Casper.

In the spirit of gracious professionalism the first place team from Laramie tipped their hats to all the competition.  Team members London, Rachel, and Isaac  commented following the awards presentations.

"Ya know, any of these kids  could have done it,  but you really just have to work for it and do it as best you can."    "I guess we had really good team work and we worked together really well.  We kind of all played off of each other and knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and everything."   "We didn’t really know anybody at the beginning.  I only knew two people out of the team, but now we’ve just all come together to become a family in this big robotic community."

Numerous awards went to other teams recognizing excellence in design, quality of research, creativity, teamwork and of course gracious professionalism.

Congratulations to the over 70 teams who traveled from all over Wyoming to compete in the 2010 event in Casper.