The folks at Natrona County Airport are excited to announce a new feature for smart phones.  Airport Manager Glen Januska, says they've adapted the flight tracking feature found on their website to fit a smart phone screen,  "and the one feature on it, besides normal information- contacts for airlines, things to do in Casper- the one thing we really like on it, that really is kind of driving this, is the ability for people to go on their smartphones and to be able to check realtime flight status."

He says now if your out and about and need to pick somebody up or want to check if your outgoing flight is on time,  "instead of having to call airlines and the 1-800 number trying to get a person, they can just go to and from a mobile device it automatically redirects them to the mobile website."

Because the airport is open 365 days a year and nearly 24 hours a day,  Januska says they continue to look at ways that travelers can get the information they need in the format they want when they want it.