A Casper man is heading to prison for his fourth DUI.

Twenty-six year old Adam Scribner will spend the next twenty to twenty-four months in prison, after pleading guilty to his fourth DUI offense.

In late January, a Casper police officer says he saw Scribner speeding on College Drive and pursued him.

The chase eventually went north on Poplar Street where Scribner sideswiped another vehicle, and eventually stopped because he ran out of gas.

After his was arrested, police determined that he had a blood alcohol content of point two-zero.

Scribner already had three DUI convictions and his license has been revoked until 2016, and he was required to have an ignition interlock device for the next fifty years plus.

Scribner also pleaded guilty to charges of driving without an interlock device and eluding a peace officer, but prosecutors say he's been in jail for the past four months, which was sufficient enough time, for those two charges.