Anthony Pollreisz, K2 Radio


The Natrona County School District is conducting its highest possible level of an investigation of events related to the dismissal of Principal Dean Kelly this week.

The district replaced Kelly with acting administrator Kelly Hornby.

K2radio has received several reports that the administrative shake-up happened after Kelly and other administrators performed a skit of questionable taste in front of returning teachers and staff.

Kelly had been the school’s principal since 2007.

Crystal Mueller, the district's human resources director, said she could not confirm or deny what happened to Kelly or other administrators because these are personnel matters and are subject to confidentiality policies.

Regardless of what triggered the removal of Kelly, the district authorized a top-level investigation.

The district handles complaints and inquiries on several levels, depending on the seriousness of the allegations, Mueller said.

The first is handled within the individual school or department to determine if a violation of district policy has occurred, she said.

The second is handled at the district level with investigators within the human resources department, Mueller said.

The most serious complaint would be turned over to an external investigator after a decision by the district's senior management, the board of trustees, the district's general counsel Kathleen Dixon, and in consultation with the Natrona County District Attorney, she said.

The district hired a lawyer from outside the county to conduct the external investigation, and intends to conclude its investigation next week, she said.

Meanwhile, Mueller cautioned people to not jump to conclusions while the investigation continues.

"People need to not assume things," she said. "That can be very harmful to people's reputations that have worked their lifetime to be upstanding and with integrity."