Wyoming State Parks is seeking participants ages 18 to 26 to be a part of what is being named the “Wyoming Summit Tailgate.” It will begin at Curt Gowdy State Park this Thursday and Friday. The summit will then move to the Outdoor National Regional Youth Summit in Denver during the weekend.

Dominic Bravo, Parks Administrator said the program is free and is a chance for up and coming outdoor leaders to learn more about teaching Wyoming youth how to reconnect with nature. Delegates will spend time in the park hiking, kayaking and mountain biking and will also lend a hand on a service project showcasing the epic trails that Curt Gowdy offers.

Later on they will participate in a formal summit program of discussions and listen to invited speakers. At the end of the night they will spend and experience a night under the stars. You can obtain more information about the Wyoming Summit Tailgate by contacting Dominic Bravo at 777-6324.

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