Last month Wyoming Medical Center's CEO, Vickie Diamond, announced far reaching management changes for the hospital.

This week on Report to Wyoming she talks about those changes put in place largely to offset cuts in funding. A one percent cut in medicare reimbursements is just the beginning, along with the anticipated loss of 8 million a year attached to their sole provider status.

"We still haven't heard if we've lost our sole community provider, but it is being withheld. So I think that's because of the competition in town and the volume that's required to keep your sole provider status, but truly the cuts coming forward are because of the Affordable Care Act as well as the deficit reduction issue."

Restructuring how the hospital is managed will help them financially. One step taken will be the out-sourcing of hospitalists, as they're called, the doctors that specialize in the care of patients in a hospital.

"Our hospitalists who we employ, came and said,'We'd like you to take a look at some other types of agencies, we think it might provide better recruiting for us, better process of care delivery'. So our hospitalists asked us to do it."

This Sunday, On Report to Wyoming, CEO Vickie Diamond, outlines how management changes and changes to patient care work together to provide better outcomes and help a patient through the system.

"The struggle the patient has is the health care system is so complex. Navigating that system and getting provider to provider to know what happened before, so their not repeating all those tests at the next place you go and also helping patients adapt to whatever illness they might have so they can stay healthier."

That's Report To Wyoming this Sunday 7am on all of our Townsquaremedia stations and again at 9pm on AM 1030 K2 Radio.

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