If you've been a motorist on Interstate 80 in Wyoming this winter season, you could say the weather outside has been frightful.

Among the thousands of vehicles that have been stuck on the freeway due to bad weather and road conditions this week and last, included the buses transporting the boys and girls basketball teams from Cheyenne East High School, and the girls basketball team from Cheyenne Central High School.

All three teams were heading to Sweetwater County to play in some scheduled games.

Erik Oliver of East says his team hit the road as soon as the freeway opened...but it didn't stay that way for long.

"We were so anxious, because we were supposed to leave at 6 in the morning, and we ended up leaving at 12 and we were anxious to get on the bus. and then it was complete white out right after we got out of Laramie, and we were on the bus for 8 hours. People had to go to the bathroom, it was hot, it was just a mess."

Elijah Oliver says it was an experience that he would rather forget.

"I've been stuck before, but for that long and on a bus, when its sitting there for 25 minutes and then you move and then another 25 minutes and then you decide to move again, it's hard, but yeah, that's the worst I've ever experienced."

Once the buses was able to turn around and head back to Cheyenne, they were unable to get past Laramie, so they had to stay in a hotel overnight.

The teams made it back home the next day.