Wyoming gold star license plates will be available beginning Jan. 1 for any parent, grandparent or spouse of a member of the United States armed forces who died while in service.

The plate features a gold star and the words “Remember the Fallen” over the American flag. The gold star became a symbol for fallen service members during World War II, when families displayed them in their windows if a family member died in military service.

The $30 application fee required for the specialty plates will be paid by the Wyoming Veteran's Commission through 2012.

“It is our honor to provide these license plates to our gold star family members,” Veterans Commission Director Larry Barttelbort said. “We thank the Wyoming Legislature for supporting this effort.”

Application for the plates is made to the Wyoming Veterans Commission at 5500 Bishop Blvd. in Cheyenne. Applications must include a copy of the service member’s death certificate or other Department of Defense documentation of the service member's death while in the armed forces.

Applications can be obtained from county treasurer offices or on the Wyoming Department of Transportation Web site at www.dot.state.wy.us/wydot/site/wydot/Gold_Star. An online application is being developed.

Once the Veterans Commission approves an application, the license plates will be forwarded for pick up at the county treasurer's office indicated on the application.