The Wyoming Department of Transportation is going to build a temporary single lane bridge over the section of road that washed out on Wyoming 130. The washout killed 3 people and also washed out an emergency responder’s vehicle. Emergency responder John Zeiger and Alex Constantinides, father and husband to the three killed survived.

Authorities say the Constantinides family had been evacuated from the North Brush Creek Campground due to flash flooding early Tuesday morning. They were headed eastbound on Wyoming 130 when their vehicle was washed 75 yards downstream in Brush Creek.

Also involved was Carbon County Emergency Management responder John Zeiger, who’s vehicle  had also been washed downstream. Authorities say Zeiger was helped out of the Dodge Durango by Alex Constantinides and an unknown passerby. Zeiger had responded to assist in evacuating the camp grounds before encountering the washed out road.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation said engineers are studying what happened to the section of road that may have collapsed in just a matter of minutes. The attribute the 25′ by 9′ gouge in the road to heavy rainfall and snow melt.

In response to the tragic event,the Wyoming Department of Transportation will build a temporary single-lane bridge. WYDOT hopes to have the temporary bridge completed by sometime early next week. Wyoming 130 is closed to through traffic from the location of the washout to approximately 13 miles East of junction 130 and 230. All other parts of the highway remain open. Drivers are cautioned to keep watch for reduced speeds and electronic message sings alerting drivers of closures. After completion of the temporary bridge traffic will be self-regulating and reduced speeds as well as weight and width restrictions will be enforced.