U.S. Department of Agriculture

Regional Drought Response, Hindered By Lack Of Farm Bill
Agricultural producers at a regional USDA meeting on drought complained to U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack that lack of a farm bill is complicating response to the ongoing disaster. Vilsack was at the first regional drought response meeting held in Omaha on Tuesday,
"There is a uniform agreement h…
Drought Effect On Food Prices Yet To Come
The latest consumer price index shows a tiny hike in overall food prices last month.
U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Price Economist, Ricky Volpe says the drought won't effect prices for another two to three months. Right now he says, "All food is up 2 percent...
Beekeeper Survey Shows Drop In Colony Loss Last Winter
Bee keepers noticed a slow down in bee colony loss this last winter. Losses were around 20 percent as compared to 30 percent over the last few winters.
Agriculture officials say that's an improvement, but it's too soon to say if it's a trend toward bee colony health...

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