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Medical Marijuana Petition Efforts in Albany County [VIDEO]
The Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is running out of time to have its Peggy A. Kelly Cannabis Act of 2016 placed on the upcoming general election ballot.
The group must submit 25,673 signatures of Wyoming registered voters to the Secretary of State&…
Marijuana Petition Drive Gets Underway
Wyoming residents should have the opportunity to use cannibis oil and similar products for certain medical needs, a spokeswoman said Saturday.
"This should be an option other than prescription drugs," Amber Sparks said.
Sparks and other supporters of a proposed initiative to legalize medica…
Banking For Pot Shops Eyed In Colorado
DENVER (AP) — Medical marijuana is legal in 17 states, but the industry has a decidedly black-market aspect — it's mostly cash-only.
Banks won't touch pot money. The drug is illegal under federal law, and processing transactions or investments with pot money puts federally insur…