hydraulic fracturing

States Want To Block Hydraulic Fracturing Regs
A federal judge in Casper will hear up to three hours of testimony on Tuesday from attorneys for three states and two petroleum industry groups petitioning to block new rules for oil and gas drilling that are set to go into effect on Wednesday.
Gov. Mead Applauds Fracking Decision
Governor Matt Mead said he is pleased with District Judge Catherine Wilking's order affirming Wyoming's policy regarding the disclosure of hydraulic fracturing components. Environmental groups had requested the ingredient lists from the Wyoming Oil and Gas conservation commission, arg…
Congressional Hearing on EPA Fracking Research in Pavillion
The Environmental Protection Agency’s study of groundwater contamination and links to hydraulic fracturing in Pavillion was the topic of a U-S House subcommittee hearing Wednesday. No one locally affected was invited to the hearing, which was expected to include criticism of the E-P-…

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