Casper Provides Funds To Get Homeless Out Of The Cold
The plight of the homeless in Natrona County gets more attention around the holidays as the temperatures drop and the snow falls.
Dollars to address homelessness, especially for those who normally fall outside the traditional safety nets have been allocated by the city of Casper this year...
Seton House, A Nurturing Community [Audio]
This past weekend on Report To Wyoming we visited with members of Seton House  staff, spoke with a resident and heard a retelling of the story of how and why it got started.
If you missed the broadcast here's a chance to listen at your leisure...
Quick Action Gets NC Homeless Sheltered
An emergency allocation of funds - 50 thousand dollars- for use in getting Natrona County's homeless into shelters this winter is having a notable impact just three days after Casper City Council ok’d the expenditure.
Sunday On ‘Report To Wyoming’
A nationwide "Point-in-Time Homeless Count" takes place this coming Wednesday.  Casper Wyoming participates in that count every year.
Brandon Espinoza is program manager for Transitional Housing at Life Steps Campus in Casper.
"We don't ask names, about as in-depth…