Casper Group Holding Fundraiser For Drowning Support Network
Russ Reddick's daughter Kira drowned during swimming lessons in July of 2004. The Drowning Support Network helped Russ tremendously during this trying time. To repay their kindness - and help others who lost loved ones in the water - Russ is riding his '07 Suzuki Hayabusa around the country on a non-stop, 10,000 miles 4 corners tour...
Douglas Women Raising Money For Congo Orphanages
Stephanie Hill can't wait for her baby to come to her, so she's headed to the Congo to visit her. Stephanie is adopting a special needs baby girl, but it will take 3-6 months for the new addition to come home. Stephanie, along with her friend, will head over to the Congo so she can start giving it some motherly love ASAP...
Hector Foundation To Sponsor ‘Ante Up For Pups’ Charity Event
Casper has always impressed when it comes to its support of local charities. Whether it's a well-known organization like CASA, a lesser-known organization like the Children's Advocacy Project, or even just a family in need of food and clothing, residents of Casper have gone above and beyond to make sure that those in need are taken care of. This is why it comes as no surprise that Casperites have
Zombie 5K Raises Money For Joshua’s Storehouse [PHOTOS]
Living in Wyoming, we are afforded many opportunities to experience sheer serenity. One of the best places to experience utter tranquility is Casper Mountain, and on Saturday the sounds of fall were upon us. Birds were singing, the wind was rustling leaves, and humans were screaming for their lives. That’s because on this day,  Casper Mountain was overrun with terrifying flesh-eating Zombies, all
2012 Bowl For Jason’s Friends Is A Success Because Of You [PHOTOS]
I'm reminded of how proud I am of my town, and the people that live in it, when I witness events like Bowl For Jason's Friends. People from all over Casper offer their time, money, and mad bowling skills to the Jason's Friends Foundation, an organization created to help families financially, and emotionally, when they have a sick child.

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