Online Forums Provide Key Havens for Terror Plots
In secretive chat rooms and on encrypted Internet message boards, al-Qaida fighters have been planning and coordinating attacks, including a threatened plot that U.S. officials say closed 19 diplomatic posts across Africa and the Middle East for more than a week.
Panetta Urges NATO To Keep Pressure On al-Qaida
LONDON (AP) — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is calling on NATO to be more innovative and flexible so it can keep pressure on al-Qaida and be able to respond to a range of security threats in the future. He was speaking as international military crises continued to unfold in Mali and Algeria...
Al-Qaida Says It Killed American Teacher In Yemen
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Al-Qaida in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the killing of American teacher Joel Shrum. Thursday's statement, which was posted on a militant website, accuses the 29-year-old native of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, of proselytizing in the mainly Muslim Arab nation...

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