Pawnshops and second hand dealers are likely watching to see what happens next as Casper City Council puts on hold the third reading of ordinance changes that would potentially effect how they do business. The proposed changes requires from second hand dealers what some on council are calling unworkable.

Casper's new mayor for 2012, Kenyne Schlager, says the questions and calls for clarification came up late in the process.

"So what we decided to do is pull back a little bit, make sure we have all the questions answered and have everything in the ordinance written the way we want it before we move forward and then have to fix things."

What kinds of business to include under the new regulations is one such question. The ordinance changes include the required photographing of sellers. The language in the ordinance, as it stands, could be interpreted to include anything from used clothing to used lawnmowers. Council will discuss changing those changes next Monday at its work session and tentatively bring the adjustments to the regular meeting, January 17th.