Sometimes it takes law enforcement officers hours or even weeks to research and then locate wanted criminals. Other times the criminals make it easy.

On two separate occasions last week Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers were able to easily apprehend two wanted felons. The first incident occurred on Wednesday south of Laramie.

"We received a complaint of a vehicle that was weaving and driving on two flat tires."

Highway Patrol Sgt, Steven Townsend, says troopers located the vehicle about nine miles south of Laramie on 287. The driver, 23-year-old, Timothy Perkins, of Phoenix, Arizona was found to be under the influence and arrested and during the arrest told officers he'd stolen the vehicle. Officers checked and sure enough the vehicle had just been stolen.

On a second unrelated incident, 28 year-old, Matthew Perrington, is now in custody after his female friend was arrested by Troopers following a REDDI report-the acronym for that is- Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately.

That driver was speeding north of Gillette and found to be under the influence.  Townsend says they then checked on the passenger,  " and that gentleman was found to be wanted on a nationwide felony warrant from Cass County in Minnesota."

The warrant was for terrorist threats, including stalking.

Perrington is being held pending extradition proceedings back to the State of Minnesota.