A California man is dead and three others were taken to the hospital after a couple of collisions involving two motorcycles and two vehicles, south of Jackson.

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, just before 1pm on Sunday, July 27th, 52-year old Joseph Bale of Whittier, California and 36-year old Romulo Magahaes of Brazil, were traveling northbound on their motorcycles on US Highway 89, about six miles south of Jackson.

Bale came up from behind one vehicle that was stopped, because another vehicle in front of it had stopped to make a turn.

He noticed too late what was going on, and swerved to the left to avoid what was in front of him, but clipped the first vehicle in front of him.

The collision caused Bale to become separated from his motorcycle, and he sustained fatal injuries as a result, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Magahaes was not far behind Bale, and he also swerved his motorcycle to the left to avoid the scene, but then he collided head-on with another vehicle that was going in the other direction.

Magahaes along with two people in the vehicle that he collided head-on with, were taken to a hospital to be checked for injuries.

Both Bale and Magahaes were wearing helmets at the time of the collisions.

The Patrol had to close the highway for a short time, to conduct an investigation and clean up the mess.

Driver inattention, and following too close are being investigated as possible contributing factors in the crash.