The Natrona County Sheriff's Office is warning parents about the dangers of a new social media challenge called the "48-Hour Challenge".

According to, this latest Facebook challenge is urging kids to run away from home and cut off all contact from their friends and family for two days before suddenly re-emerging.

The Sheriffs Office posted a link on their official Facebook page with the following message:

Parents beware of one of the latest social media challenges popping up around the country called the 48-hour challenge. The challenge encourages juveniles to run away from home for 48 hours to see how many social media mentions they can receive. This is extremely dangerous for children, and it is taxing on law enforcement resources. Please talk to your children and let them know the dangers of a challenge like this. In Wyoming, the weather could pose immediate danger to a runaway and they could become a victim of human trafficking. As always, monitor your child's social media access.

It is important that parents discuss the dangers of these kinds of social media challenges as well as monitoring their online content.

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