A Casper man is accused of pointing a gun at another person.

Thirty-two year old, Michael Litgen has been charged with one count of aggravated assault.

According to Casper police, on Saturday evening June 2nd, Litgen was at CY Discount Liquors, at the time of a disturbance.

Litgen was asked to leave, and then he pointed a .40 caliber handgun against a male customer's neck.

Investigators were able to obtain a picture from a security camera, and was able to identify Litgen.

When questioned by police, he first said that he was not at the bar and did not have a gun, but then later reversed course on his story and said the other person put his hands on Litgen first, and then Litgen pulled out the gun.

Litgen is being held on twenty-five thousand dollars bond, and could face up to ten years in prison, if convicted.