Wyoming's Congressional Representative has her eye on a number of federal properties around the country that she says could be sold to raise money for the purchase of property in Grand Teton National Park.

As budgets remain tight in Washington, U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis, says the already agreed upon purchase of property inside the park by the Fed's hasn't moved forward for lack of cash.

She's proposed an idea.

"What I've proposed is that we use a federal land exchange statute, the Federal Land Transaction and Facilitation Act, and have the Federal government sell land that is surplus land that's on their disposal list and use the proceeds to buy land in Grant Teton National Park."

The land parcels in Grand Teton are valued at over $110 million and the state wants to sell them to the Federal Government, turning them over to the National Park. The parcels don't generate enough income for the state and most parties would rather they did not go to a private investor for development.

Lummis says there are lots of potential properties the Federal Government could sell.

"We have 33,000 federal buildings in this country that are not being used. We have 10's of thousands-100's of thousands- of acres, federal land, BLM land that is on their disposal list."

Lummis would like to see those properties sold to raise funds through the Federal Land Transaction and Facilitation Act.  She introduced a bi-partisan bill last week to this end. The money raised through property sales  could then be used by the government to purchase the parcels and add them to  Grand Teton's park system.

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