Laramie County District Attorney Jeremiah Sandburg says one of his top priorities since taking office a year ago has been upgrading internet security.

He says when he first took over he was deeply concerned about the state of the office's cyber security system, which he describes as "exceptionally antiquated".

Sandburg says his first task was to find money in the existing budget to upgrade internet security. He says his next step was to consult with the people in charge of internet security for Laramie County, which operates a separate computer system,

He says by working with the county security people he was able to implement wide-ranging changes to bring his office's computer security system up to date ''for probably the first time in 10 years".

Sandburg says the issue was a big concern for him because when he worked in the Goshen County County Attorney's office a few years ago, that agency's computer system was subject to cyber attacks on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

Sandburg says most of the attacks originated in Asia.