A Casper man is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend.
Thirty-four year old Japher Rajob has been charged with one count of stalking, along with violating a protection order, property destruction,  and breaking and entering.

Police say the night of  Tuesday, June 19th, Rajob's ex-girlfriend returned to her home and found muddy footprints in the living room and then later found Rajob hiding under a bed.

The two had dated in the past but after they broke up, a protection order was filed against Rajob, but the pair had been in some contact since then, and Rajob interpreted that the protection order had been dropped.

Officers also noticed a couple of computers inside the residence that were no longer working.

When interviewed by police, Rajob said he had not been inside his ex's place, and then pleaded the fifth on a number of other questions.

Police collected a pair of muddy black boots that Rajob was wearing, along with his cell phone as evidence.

He is being held on ten-thousand dollars bond awaiting trial.

He could receive up to ten years in prison, if convicted.