Wyoming is the land of 'OH, WOW'. You never know what is coming around the corner.

  • It could be the beautiful sight of the Tetons
  • the fantastic sight of Old Faithful
  • Devil's Tower standing tall above the surrounding areas
  • the view of Casper from the top of Casper Mountain
  • looking at a cliff with names of those pioneers that passed through here on the Oregon Trail
  • standing on top of Independence Rock and looking through Devil's Gate
  • watching in amazement at the starting and stopping of the water at Intermittent Spring
  • being stopped on the highway by a herd of Wyoming Elk
  • or looking in your rearview mirror and you're being chased by a pack of rouge horses and goats.

If one of these examples of Wyoming's 'OH, WOW' moments stands out a little more than the others, it should.

Born In A Barn is based out of Sheridan, WY and is an event that happens every September. The event is a big ol get together, that's ran by the Kinnison Family, and features vendors, food, music, fun and great treasures. This year it happens on September 15th & 16th, so you have time to start planning.

I was just browsing the Born In A Barn Instagram page when a video, that is something you may only see in Wyoming, caught my attention.

Not saying that it doesn't happen often, but also not saying that you should ever be surprised to you'd see any type of animal running down the street.

Historic Eaton's Horse Drive Through Downtown Sheridan, Wyoming

The annual Eaton’s Horse Drive (each May) sees cowboys from nearby Eaton’s Ranch run their herd of around 100 head of horses through the heart of downtown Sheridan, Wyoming.

Pictures Capture The Love Between Wyoming Ranchers And Their Horses

These pictures were taken by professional photographer Chris Dickinson at the 88 Ranch located outside of Douglas, and they perfectly show the love between ranchers and the animals they raise and work with 365 days a year.

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