Natrona County’s next sheriff says he’s looking forward to his new role.

The Natrona County Commission formally appointed Lt. Gus Holbrook as the county’s sheriff during a special session on Thursday.

Holbrook, who will take over for the retiring Mark Benton on July 1, says he feels privileged to serve Natrona County in a new capacity.

“I’m very humbled and honored by the support that I’ve received by the employees at the office and the other citizens that got behind me,” Holbrook said. “I’ll do my best to serve the citizens of Natrona County.”

Holbrook says he doesn’t foresee any particular issues when he begins his term on Monday.

“Some of the challenges are just learning the role of sheriff itself,” Holbrook said. “Even though I was a lieutenant, there are some functions that the sheriff would do.”

“I just need to learn those roles and everything should work out,” Holbrook said.

The sheriff position will be up for election in November of next year.

Benton spent his last 40 years with the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office. Benton served nearly four terms as the county’s sheriff before persisting health concerns forced him into retirement.

Holbrook beat out Gavin Donnelly from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration for the vacant position.