The Wyoming Highway Patrol announced that no one died on Wyoming highways during the three-day holiday weekend. Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend said it is the first time since 2006 that the state has had a fatality-free Memorial Day weekend.

Most of the arrests for DUI:

"A fatality free three-day weekend, which hasn't happened since 2006, Memorial Day. Would've like to have said a crash free holiday weekend, but no, we had 62 of those and 13 of those were injury crashes. Troopers also made 33 arrests across the state, with 23 of those arrests being for driving while under the influence."

The arrests for offenses other than driving under the influence included interdiction of a marijuana shipment.

Ten out of 33 not DUI arrests:

"Couple of warrants and one for speed, also one on Monday that resulted in a seizure of 25 pounds of high-grade marijuana, and 2,300 dollars in U.S. currency, and one 9mm handgun, and that was from one traffic stop."

The traffic stop Monday morning in Carbon County along Interstate 80 that discovered the 25 pounds of marijuana resulted in the arrest of two people from Columbus, Ohio.

Street value of 25 lbs of marijuana:

"The 25 pounds of marijuana had a street value of approximately 150,000 dollars."

The investigation has been turned over to agents of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

Sgt. Townsend noted there needs to be 30 days for the Memorial Day weekend to be officially without a fatality, and he didn't know the all the details of the people involved in the 13 crashes that caused injury.