A tax refund for the elderly and disabled in Wyoming has its deadline coming up again at the end of August.

"The program was originally set up to help financially the elderly and the disabled to off set sales use tax, property tax, and utility and energy costs."

Donna Di Nino, program manager for the Elderly and Disabled Tax Refund Program says applications can be picked up at your local senior center. As for eligibility she explains; "Single people, as far as their income, because we're working from income from 2010, the maximum they could have had for that year is $17,500.  For a married couple its $28,500. They must be 18 years and older and 100 percent disabled or 65 years and older."

A single person can receive up to $800 dollars, a married couple up to $900.  Di Nino reminds that if you received the refund in the past you still need to reapply every year.

Applications must be postmarked by August 31st. Eligibility is determined by the Wyoming Department of Health and checks are mailed by December 20th.