Drought conditions are receding throughout Wyoming.

According to climatologists with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's U.S. Drought Monitor service, only 30 percent of Wyoming is currently experiencing D0, or abnormal dryness – the least-severe of the monitor’s five drought intensity conditions.

National Weather Service warning coordination meteorologist Chris Jones says a cool, moist winter is also pushing important mountain snow pack levels this year well above normal.

“Some of the mountain locations over the last few weeks have done very well – we’re starting to top 125 and, in some cases, 150 percent of normal,” Jones said. “So, for right now at least, we’re doing pretty well, but the spring is still to come.”

The U.S. Drought Monitor categorizes five levels of drought severity, with D0 being the least severe. D4 – exceptional drought – is the most severe drought condition.

Over 56 percent of the state was experiencing D3, or extreme drought at this time last year. Roughly 10 percent of the state was experiencing D4.