Casper College is having a fundraiser for its Early Childhood Learning Center. The Inga Thorson Early Childhood Learning Center is where students and college faculty can entrust their children. The fund-raising walk\run is Saturday morning starting at the Pumphouse.

Pumphouse by Three Crowns Golf Course:

"We are raising money for playground equipment for our new center which we broke ground on campus. And we're going to have a walk\run on Saturday, April 9th at 10 o'clock in the morning."

Donna Sonesen (soh' ne sen), ECLC director says the fund-raising walk/run is a show of support, so there isn't any sort of sponsorship for distances. The fund-raising part is the registration, which can be whatever amount the runner or walker chooses.

Registration is donation, exercise is show of support:

"Your registration is a donation which will be matched by Linda and Dick Wheeler up to $10,000. However much you want to make a donation is your registration."

Ms. Sonesen says the 1k walk is less demanding and strollers and bikes are okay, but organizers are asking participants not to bring their pets.

And the new childhood learning center is under construction so if you would like to preregister on Friday, you can do so at their temporary location.

Preregister on Friday:

"We do have an early registration on Friday here at our center, which we are off campus this year, waiting on our new center, so we're located at 804 S. Wolcott, which is the Presbyterian church."

For more information, you can call 268-9866.