A Casper man is accused of driving his car into a ladder and knocking a man off of it.

Eighteen year old Deontae Paul has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault.

Casper Police say on Friday morning, June 3rd, the victim and friends were tree trimming on Glendale Avenue, south of 15th Street.

One end of a ladder was in the gutter against the curb of the sidewalk, and the other end was leaning up against the tree, which is where the victim was at the time.

Witnesses say a gold colored vehicle drove by, and one witness yelled at the driver to slow down.

The vehicle then turned around and drove towards them, just missing two people, then drive onto the curb and hit the ladder, with the victim still at the top of it.

The victim stated he remembered his body hitting the tree, and then waking up on the ground.

Paul later turned himself in, and said shortly after he turned the vehicle around, one of the witnesses smashed the windshield to the vehicle, but did not believe that he struck the ladder.

He added that he left the scene, because he did not have a driver's license.

Paul is awaiting trial on $50,000 bond, and he could face up to 10 years in prison on each charge if convicted.

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