Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

The Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department says it is again receiving widespread reports of a ''Computer Tech Scam" that was first reported in 2013.

According to spokesman Dick Blust, the scam features unsolicited calls from supposed "computer experts" warning people that their computer has a virus, malware or other alleged problems. Blust says the "experts" often claim to be affiliated with well-known companies such as Microsoft, and in some cases may know their prospective victims names and addresses.

Blust says the scammers encourage the victim to turn on their computer and allow them the "make repairs". He adds the scammers are not only trying to obtain sensitive financial, but also will often charge the victim anywhere between $50 and $500.

Blust says you should remember computer companies will NEVER contact you first about supposed technical issues. He also says you should ignore any instructions given during such a call, and should not subscribe to any "security systems" they may try to sell you.