Wyoming State Senator Leland Christensen, a Republican from Alta, today entered the race to replace retiring US Representative Cynthia Lummis. His primary issues are economic, as his announcement below, makes clear...

Alta, Wyoming – Citing concerns over the continual, job-killing overreach of the federal government into Wyoming, Wyoming State Senator Leland Christensen (R-Alta) announced today he is running for Wyoming’s lone seat in the United States House of Representatives.

“I cannot stand idly by and watch as Washington wages war on our economy. The Obama Administration’s recent suspension of coal leases on federal lands is an all too common example of how Washington is taking aim at Wyoming families,” Christensen said. “I simply won’t allow this assault on our way of life to go unaddressed.”

“Washington’s heavy-handed regulations are not only a threat to our energy industry and the jobs it supports, but a threat to our families, our schools, our lands and our Wyoming way of life,” Christensen said. “The battle for Wyoming jobs is one we must fight, and we must win.”

“My dad used to say to me, ‘Leland, leave it better than you found it.’ I’ve always tried to apply that to all aspects of my life – be it our ranch, community, church, the Sheriff’s office or the State Legislature,” Christensen said. “That’s what I intend to do for Wyoming people in Washington.”

Christensen announced his campaign today with the backing of community leaders from across the state including current and former state legislators, county commissioners, party leaders and sheriffs. Annaliese Wiederspahn, a fifth-generation Wyoming native from Cheyenne, is chairing Christensen’s campaign. Wiederspahn is the daughter of former Wyoming state legislator Alvin Wiederspahn and Congressman Cynthia Lummis.

“We only have one voice in the U.S. House, so it better be authentic. Leland Christensen knows the value of an honest day’s work. Leland knows what it is to fight to make ends meet. Leland is tough. In other words, Leland Christensen is a true Wyoming guy,” said Wiederspahn.

“I’m not worried that Leland will go back to Washington and get caught up in political games or personal ambition. I am confident he will use his voice and our vote to put Wyoming families first,” said Wiederspahn.

“Wyoming’s congressional delegation is small in size, but enormous in impact,” Christensen said. “In Wyoming, we know how to do more with less. I will take that mentality to Washington and push the federal government to rein in job-killing regulation, runaway spending and the vast intrusions into our livelihoods.”

“A big part of that success has come from their ability to work together – combining efforts to keep the focus on doing what is best for Wyoming. It’s a team that gets things done and we’ve seen that with Senator Enzi, Senator Barrasso and Representative Lummis. I know and respect them, and I can be part of that team, representing Wyoming and fighting for her people everyday."