Recent census estimates show that Wyoming is still growing at an impressive rate.

Census officials and state economists say central, southwest and northeast Wyoming towns and cities are growing the fastest. Between July of 2011 and July of 2012, six towns and cities in Wyoming grew by two percent or more, and two cities - Gillette and Casper - grew by over three percent.

Wenlin Liu, a senior economist with the Wyoming Economic Analysis Division, says most of the state’s growth is in urbanized Wyoming.

“It’s interesting – Wyoming’s population increased 1.6 percent, however, the large cities and towns with populations over 3,000 grew 1.9 percent,” Liu said. “That’s a lot faster than 1.6 percent.”

Liu says natural resource development continues to drive the state’s growth.

“The outlook for the near future is still good,” Liu said. “The natural gas spot prices are close to being $4.00 – as the natural gas prices come back, the natural gas producer will respond to that price and will start to drill again.”

Between July of 2011 and July of 2012, Casper’s population grew by just over 1,700 people to 57,813, while Cheyenne’s population grew by just over 1,300 to just over 61,537.

Laramie’s population grew by about 400 people and is at 31,681. Gillette’s population grew by over 900 people and is now estimated at 31,378.

Rock Springs grew by nearly 700 people to 24,047. Sheridan grew by about 200 people to 17,698.