You're a mean one Mr. Grinch. And the Casper Police Department will not stand for it.

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Reports are coming in that a certain vile creature with termites in his smile has been spotted around Casper. It's not the first time he's dared to show his his sly grin either, but this time he has a poor, defenseless dog with him.

"Citizens of Casper, it is with great caution that we must notify the public of the following information: The Grinch has returned to our City... and this time, it appears he has brought a criminal accomplice," a social media post from the CPD stated. "A brave citizen captured these images of the Grinch walking among us just days ago."
We don't know why he's here. Casper is nowhere near Whoville. And who would want to withstand this wind?
"At this time, it is unclear as to what his intentions are in our community - but we will take no chances," the CPD continued. "Watch out, Mr. Grinch. The Casper Police Department is coming for you.
Further details will be released as they become available in this ongoing investigation."
As always, K2 Radio News will provide updates to this ongoing investigation as more details become available.

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