UPDATE: Here is the official release from the Casper Fire Department...

At approximately 3:45 this afternoon the Casper Fire-EMS department responded to the City of Casper Solid Waste Facility after being notified that a solid waste facility supervisor had observed smoke coming from a compost pile in the on the west side of the facility. The pile had been covered with sand since the Station Fire and has been monitored by solid waste and fire personnel since. No fire was observed, but the sand covering the pile had apparently thinned. Fire crews provided standby as solid waste personnel applied additional sand to reestablish full containment of the smoldering debris. Three fire engines including a brush fire engine responded to provide support of the containment effort and patrol the area downwind from the site. No fires were discovered or reported, but fire crews will continue to patrol surrounding areas in addition to a continuous Fire Watch at the solid waste facility throughout the weekend as high winds continue.

The Casper landfill apparently began smouldering again this afternoon.

There were no reports of flames, but smoke was seen rising from the compost pile that was the source of the intense fire that lasted for days late last year.

Casper EMS - Fire units are on the scene and monitoring the situation.

There is no danger to the area at this time.

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