A million dollar donation has been given to the Casper College Foundation from the now-closed Casper Petroleum Club.

The Petroleum Club was established as a nonprofit public-benefit corporation, according to Casper College officials. The club had asked the foundation to be the successor to handle its remaining assets should the club ever close its doors, and the foundation agreed.

The Petroleum club, established in 1945, closed its doors in October of 2016 after both membership and business declined.  “I was sad to see the Casper Petroleum Club close, but the foundation is delighted by the donation and will put it to good use,” said Paulann Doane, the foundation's Executive Director. “We truly appreciate that the club’s directors chose the college foundation as their successor.”

Doane says there are no restrictions on how the money should be used. “Obviously, we like these types of donations the best because it allows the foundation board the most flexibility in meeting college needs,” she said. The board will discuss how to use the funds at its January meeting. Meantime, the money will be invested.

The million dollar check was presented in a brief ceremony December 7th at American National Bank. In attendance were Kathy Dolan, Casper College board trustee; Dr. Darren Divine, president of Casper College; John Jorgensen, president of the Casper College Foundation board; Paulann Doane, executive director of the foundation; Dr. Gail Zimmerman, vice president of the Casper Petroleum Club; Veronica Mundy, general manager of the Casper Petroleum Club; and Forrest Leff, past president of the Casper Petroleum Club.

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