Legendary Casper oilman and philanthropist John Wold has died.

Wold passed away Sunday at the age of 100.

But, Wold, who came to Wyoming 67 years ago, was more than just the successful founder of Wold Oil and Gas. He gave freely of his time and wealth to causes around the state and the nation, primarily in the field of education.

He also served in the Wyoming Legislature and the US Congress when the Republican Party was still growing in the state.

Wold and his wife Jane were present at the Casper Events Center in December of 2014 for the unveiling of the new sheet of ice that he and everyone thought would make it possible to lure a minor league hockey team to the city.

It hasn’t happened yet, but the energy and optimism of John Wold was infectious and completely irresistible.

Senator Mike Enzi said today, “I was saddened to hear John had left us. He has been a part of Wyoming history - in many businesses, local, state and national politics, and philanthropy, all for a long time. I have gotten to learn from him in each of those endeavors. His distinctive voice always grabbed attention. He was notable in anything he did. He was an example of the importance of family. He was a giving person and good example for us to follow. Diana and I send our deepest sympathies to the Wold family.”

Wold’s wife Jane died in 2015. They had three children, Peter, Jack and Priscilla Longfield.

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