This thing is blowing up like a balloon! It's a unique video showing 68 year-old Karen Kline getting teased and taunted mercilessly by a group of middle school students on a school bus ride that she is chaperoning.

Thanks to the clown who was smart enough to download it to his Facebook page, the whole country can now get an inside glance at what our children are subjected to each and every day, because as you are about to see, it's not just our children facing this abuse.

For nearly 10 whole minutes, Karen suffers this unimaginable indignation, and is eventually reduced to tears. It will make you want to reach through your computer monitor and grab these little monsters by the throat. It's vulgar, degrading, and very difficult to watch - with loads of naughty language. Be warned, but watch, and try to put yourself in Karen's place. This lovely lady, just trying to do a job and ensure these kids' safety, becomes a verbal hostage at the mercy of a group of children who obviously think they're too cool for school.

Hopefully after viewing this, we as humans will begin to take the subject of bullying a ton more seriously, because it is serious. Instead of the message getting out, bullying seems to be becoming more and more rampant, and in some dire instances our children are resorting to taking their own lives in retaliation. In fact, it's happening right here at home. This simply cannot be tolerated any longer.

Parents! Please, please get involved! Don't wait for your child to become a bully; and learn to recognize the signs if they themselves are being bullied. Provide the life lessons, understanding, and compassion that is required to prevent these incidents from occurring. Drill it into their mushy minds! It is so important! This is coming from someone who was not only bullied, but also took to bullying as a form of escape from my own torment. I knew it was wrong, and wasn't strong enough to take a stand. This is extremely difficult for kids to do. That's why more than ever, they need our help.

Good news for Karen - a website was organized to raise money so that she might enjoy a nice vacation, and donations are pouring in. I think we all owe her, and unfortunately the kid that made her famous, a debt of gratitude for bringing this despicable behavior to our attention.

Let's get informed and make a difference.

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