Another man is arrested for allegedly inhaling a can of dust remover and causing a collision in front of the east-side Walmart.

At eight pm on Monday, Casper Police and emergency medical personnel responded to an auto collision on East Second Street in front of Walmart.

Nineteen-year-old, Rysen Tallwhiteman, allegedly failed to stop while turning west onto Second Street and collided with another vehicle turning into Walmart from the eastbound lane.

According to affidavit, Tallwhiteman and his girlfriend, eighteen-year-old, Taleah Medicine Cloud, had just left the Walmart parking lot where Tallwhiteman inhaled a can of industrial strength air duster.

Medicine Cloud reportedly began to hit Tallwhiteman out of anger for taking a shot of the air duster. While trying to block Medicine Cloud's blows, Tallwhiteman reported to police that he "blacked out" and regained consciousness after the collision.

Witnesses stated that Medicine Cloud continued to beat Tallwhiteman as he exited the vehicle to check on the condition of the other driver, who was later released with minor injuries.

Tallwhiteman was arrested for Driving while under the influence and Medicine Cloud was arrested for assault. After being cleared by medical personnel, both were transported to the Natrona County Detention Center.

This is the second instance this week of a collision apparently involving Dust-Off. Click here to read about the Casper man who allegedly lost consciousness and drove his truck into a Walmart sign.

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