Amendments to Casper municipal code pertaining to pawnshops will not include mandatory photos and will  only apply to a limited range of second hand merchants.

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Major adjustments came at Tuesday night's third and final reading of amendments to Casper's city ordinance governing pawnshops and second hand dealers.

The intention of the city code amendments are to aid law enforcement and keep stolen property from being traded.

But, opposition to a photo requirement meant unanimous support of its removal from the original draft. Councilman Paul Bertoglio, called for its removal not for privacy concerns, but rather out of concern for its effect on the dealers.

"After listening to the pawnbroker dealers, second hand dealers that were at the work session I came away with a different view that this could potentially be doing damage to their businesses."

Amendments to the types of dealers and types of second hand merchandise also greatly lessen the scope of the ordinance changes.