Youth Crisis Center board members will move into fundraising mode now that financing for a new and expanded building is coming together. Casper City Council and Natrona County Commissioners approved their portions of a financial package Tuesday evening, that makes possible construction of a larger facility for the Crisis Center expected to cost around 2 million dollars.

The Crisis Center's portion of that financial package will cover fixtures, fittings, and everything needed to operate the center and, as Jim Meador, president of the board of trustees explained, they're committed to raising at least $400 thousand.

"We're tasked with somewhere around $400 thousand of fundraising up to a million dollars. The $400 thousand tab would be if we cut back on some of the sizing of the Crisis Center, which we don't want to do. So we are going to try to go for the million dollars and put that package together."

Youth Crisis Center board and staff anticipate expansion of services to include the care of more minors moving through drug court and municipal court.

The financial package includes up-front money through the city to cover expected income from sale of their vacated properties. The biggest contribution comes as $1 million from the Wyoming State Land and Investment Board.

Meador says once the financing is complete "then we're going to initiate our fundraising from foundations, philanthropists, benefactors, anybody and everybody. So we'll need some help on that million dollars I'm sure."