The Winter Use Plan for Yellowstone National Park, long in the making, is back on the agenda for meetings next week in Wyoming. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement analyzing a variety of approaches is open for public comment.

"We have a series of public meetings and two webinars where we're going to be out helping people understand the document. We'll be answering questions and taking public input."

Park Spokesman, Al Nash, says their preferred alternative, one of seven included in the Draft EIS, has a variable approach to both snowmobiles and snowcoach use in the park.

"Some days we'd offer somewhat higher levels. Some days we'd offer somewhat reduced levels. It's all about trying to find an approach that is responsive to the public and allows us to adequately protect park resources."

Nash says they anticipate the meetings to be very well attended given the high interest shown over the years as the process has developed.

Next week are meetings in Jackson on Wednesday evening and Cody on Thursday evening, with more following in West Yellowstone, Colorado and Washington D.C.

Two webinars also are planned.

Follow this link for more information on the plan and how to participate