A story published on the internet recently that claimed Yellowstone National Park had been evacuated because of fears that the park's supervolcano was going to erupt soon, simply isn't true. That's according to Yellowstone National Park spokesman Al Nash.

The article with the headline “Yellowstone Evacuated: Experts Claim ‘Super Volcano’ Could Erupt Within Weeks” made its way around alternative forums and blogs this week. The article, from the Civic Tribune, claimed that the park was “hastily evacuated” because of fear of an eruption happening “sooner than previously expected.”

Nash said he has spent several days responding to inquiries as a result of the fake story.

Our challenge is that some people will take disparate pieces of information and then take an extraordinary leap and come to some conclusion. Or in this case just come up with an entirely fake news story and then post on what looks like a legitimate news site.

Nash more information is available on the park's website. He says you can also access Yellowstone's webcams like the one at Old Faithful.