A yearling black bear has been sighted multiple times around the Garden Creek area in recent days.

Robin Kepple for the Casper Game Fish Offices, says they've set a trap and believe the young bear should be a good candidate for relocation, because its not gotten into trouble and doesn't appear to be habituated to people.

"It's been seen around Rotary Park and then upstream, kind of along the water shed of garden creek. The bear's been seen the last several days in that area."

She describes it as a brown faced black bear that, so far, has been spotted eating berries.

Kepple says game officials believe its in the best interest of the bear to move him to a less populated area.

She asks that if anyone spots the youngster, you call the Regional Game and Gish Office immediately at 307 473 3400 or 1 800 442 2767 after hours. You can also call  the Natrona County Sheriff' s office after hours.  307 235 9282